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Productive Rodent Proofing
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 by steven p.
Location: Laguna Beach, CA

Frank is the guy you want to call for a rodent problem. He did a thorough inspection of our rental in SF and came up with several good, inexpensive recommendations. He has the kind of professionalism that you always look for but don't often find.

 by Kevin A.
Location: San Francisco, CA

Frank did right by us recently with plugging up any and all holes that were leading into and out of the house, followed up with weekly inspections to check in on the status. We feel more secure knowing that Do It Right stands by its warranty and along with providing maintenance traps in the hot spots, all with a friendly demeanour and great work ethic.

 by Lyn A.
Location: Burlingame, CA

Big thanks to Frank, who responded incredibly quickly to my call and saved the day when the door to our crawlspace was left open, leaving a nice cozy place for rats to nest. Frank was at our house within 1 hour of my call and fixed us up with a newly sealed crawlspace door as well as a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the crawlspace. His follow up has been terrific and he took care of business with a smile on his face. Would highly recommend.

 by Dan G.
Location: Berkeley, CA

Frank is incredibly professional, prompt, and effective! He knows his craft, has a great eye for possible entry points for the little critters, and how to eliminate, clean and prevent them. We so appreciated he did not use poisons (in my opinion an easy way out), but only traps inside, flashing around the possible entry points, and concrete outside to seal a tunnel he had discovered. We even hired him again for our second house! Highly, highly recommended.

 by Aaron M.
Location: San Francisco, CA

We discovered evidence of rodents in our house and we freaked out. We called Do It Right and Frank promptly came by to assess the situation. We appreciated the approach he took - seal off the house, lock up access to food, lay traps.

We agreed on the gameplan and Frank came by the next day and totally sealed off our house (he even went above and beyond the call of duty to repair a side door) and lay traps. We had one crafty rodent that took some time to get caught. Nevertheless, Frank continued to come by and adjust traps and investigate the habits of our pest. It took a little patience and discipline but we got the guy. Without Frank's help, we'd still be living in misery. Highly recommended!

 by Ted L.
Location: South San Francisco, CA

We first discovered rats in our garage several months ago and were fortunate enough to catch one using traps and bait.

The unfortunately thing is that a couple months later we discovered a bunch more rat droppings and chewed through Play-doh containers. This was pretty unsettling since we have 2 kids under 3 and store toys and such in the garage.

We got referred to Do It Right Rodent Proofing and Frank in particular from my brother-in-law as he had a similar rat issue and only spoke highly about his experience. After calling in Frank, he assessed the situation we had and did a thorough job pinpointing access points where the rats had been coming through.

He sealed off every possible entry point he could to ensure no rats could enter through those spots again and even found extra ones closer to our garage where they could also crawl through. Once he sealed those spots off, he did a super thorough cleaning of our storage area, cleaned up all of the rat droppings (and even found a long dead rat in there), set up maintenance traps, and gave us a 1 year maintenance period where he would come by to check in if any more rats were caught.

We were super happy to have our rat problem cleared out and have only caught 1 or 2 random rats that probably snuck in through our open garage door. Fortunately there was no infestation and no droppings to massively clean up.

I couldn't recommend Frank and his team more for any rodent problem you might have and in addition to the quality of his work, he was super communicative and informative with regards to our situation.

A++++++ for Frank and we are thrilled to be rid of our rat issue!!

 by A P.
Location: San Francisco, CA

5 stars!! I kept finding mouse droppings in my apartment and was freaking out - like losing sleep thinking I had a mouse infestation. I called several different companies, and Do It Right responded quickly and came out the very next morning to inspect my place.  He (I think his name was Frank?) was super punctual and respectful, wearing a mask and removing his shoes before entering. He did a thorough inspection of my home inside and out.  He said that in his opinion an errant mouse or two must have gotten in when our door was randomly forgotten open one night but that we didn't have an infestation (thank goodness)! He also said our place seemed well sealed, except for maybe a small hole near the door to which he applied sealing foam. He also added a little reinforcement to the front door.   Most amazingly, he did not charge me as he said he didn't think we needed any actual service from them!!  I was very thankful, and also impressed by his honestly and that he did not try to just sell me something.  He was super patient and explained what I needed to do to help trap the mice, and that if the situation didn't improve in a week or two to call back and he would come back out.  I hope I don't have to, but I certainly would not hesitate to call them for any future issues!

 by Nicholas N.
Location: Washington, DC

The first time did the job. They closed the access points the mice we're using to come into our house and set the traps, but we never saw any more rodent activity and the traps stayed empty. They came to check the traps every week for three weeks just to be sure.

 by Mary B.
Location: San Francisco, CA

Literally the best service we've ever had! Professional, knows his stuff very honest. We like him so much we'd like to be friends with him.

 by Adena F.
Location: San Francisco, CA

Frank is the best! We realized we had some type of rodent problem and called Do it Right, and Frank came out the next morning. He even arrived 15 minutes early! He did a free site inspection and looked all through the home, including the kitchen, bathrooms and garage. He didn't identify a rodent infestation, but thinks that we may have a rouge mouse and possibly a roof rat. Frank brought us traps, set them up and talked us through a "Mouse 101" to keep our house mouse proof. He didn't charge us for the traps or the site visit, and I appreciate his help and service so much. I hope to not need rodent proofing in the future but if we do we will definitely call Frank & Do it Right to help us out.

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