Can Solve Your Rodent Problem

No one wants rats. In addition to being messy, rats carry diseases and can contaminate your food. Unfortunately, rats are common to the Daly City, CA area, and even the most diligent homeowner may find themselves dealing with a rat infestation. If you suspect you have rats or mice, you should contact our experienced rat control experts right away. Rats reproduce quickly, and you want them removed from your home as soon as possible. PRODUCTIVE Rodent Proofing. is committed to the safety of our customers. We offer reliable services from trustworthy technicians. Our goal is to help you get rid of your pest problem so that you can be comfortable in your home again.


Do you suspect rodent infestation inside your walls, attic, or other residential or commercial structures? Rats, mice and other rodents are not only a nuisance, but can also result in extensive property damage, and pose a health hazard to occupants. Call PRODUCTIVE Rodent Proofing to stop these unwanted pests at the source. With over 20 years of combined experienced, our licensed professionals have the expertise and references to ensure successful exclusion and population control of all types of rodents.


Our trained crews use effective and safe techniques to trap and exclude rodents in and around dwelling interiors and exteriors. Our experts begin by inspecting the sub-structural areas and landscaping around the property, which may harbor these critters. Once we identify the source of the infestation and any entry points, we will recommend a plan of action to rid your structure of rodents, prevent their re-entry, and repair any collateral damage.